Engagement isn't esoteric - it's fundamental. If you aren't striking while the iron is hot, your sales and revenues are suffering. 


Connecting with clients and customers is the essential first blow in achieving your sales and revenue targets. You need an effective Digital Marketing strategy that identifies your ideal market, encourages engagement and produces tangible results. 


Kenect Marketing Management will heat up your market and help you form a customer base of enduring value!

About Us

We are the Calgary-based Digital Marketing service that stokes the fire in your forge. We work with you to:


  • Attract and Engage Targeted Audiences

  • Capture Leads

  • Convert Sales and...

  • Delight Customers!



We employ and maximize all channels of digital marketing:


  • Social Media Marketing and Management

  • Email and Content Marketing and Creation

  • Lead Generation and Nurturing

  • Online Display & Search Engine Advertising

  • Strategy and Planning

  • Collateral Design, Web Development and More

Kenect Marketing Management is your ironclad solution to expanded sales and increased revenues. 

Sue Styles - Business Coach

"I loved the help I received from Kenect Marketing Management! When I was venturing into a new market, I needed expert advice and implementation. Kenect spearheaded the project and provided both in a responsive and results-oriented framework!"

Ryan Smith - REALTOR®

 "I have been using Paula and Warren Knetsch at Kenect Marketing Management to run my social media campaign for the past few months and have been very pleased with the results. Their plan was process driven and simple to understand and they took into account my own wishes and thoughts when it came to building a plan that was customized and personal to me. Their posts are thoughtful and carefully crafted to capture my own personality and spin on things which promotes my brand and fosters continuity with my target audience. To date I have made solid relationships and connections with several individuals as a direct result of Kenect Marketing Management's work that otherwise would not have sought out my services." 


Our Work

Kenect Marketing Management provides a wide range of marketing services to our clients.  These services include Social Media Management, Custom Blogs, Email Campaigns, Newspaper and Newsletter Articles, Website Content and more. To view examples of our work, click the button below. 

What We're Saying

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Kenect Marketing Management is the critical connection between you and your customers.  Let us help you discover the art of engagement and drive your business to success.

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