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The Art of Engagement

If  you are concerned about lagging sales and anemic marketing efforts, you need to connect with Kenect. We offer a wide variety of services specifically designed to target your customers and help you achieve and exceed your sales objectives. Let Kenect Marketing Management help your company engage your audience, generate qualified leads and elevate your sales. 

Strategy & Planning

Kenect Marketing Management will blueprint your successful marketing plan by identifying your ideal customers and developing targeted quarterly marketing strategies.These plans are built on a rolling twelve-month model and are designed to be fluid, allowing you to make updates and modifications based on your ever-changing business environment.  

Content Creation

Kenect Marketing Management will design a content strategy that powers your marketing plan. Get ahead of the competition! We produce extraordinary content that attracts the right audience, converts them into qualified leads and turns them into customers. Without enticing content, your marketing endeavors will suffer! 

Social Media Management

Your social media accounts are vital but you need to manage them consistently in a way that engages audiences and drives new sales.  Our Social Media Management solutions provide you with a clear strategy, compelling content and performance analysis to ensure your company creates a pertinent and captivating presence. 

Inbound & Outbound Marketing Campaigns

 A successful marketing campaign requires experience, expertise and talent. That's why a successful marketing campaign requires Kenect! We create campaigns that target your client personas and propel visitors from one stage of the customer journey to another. We analyze the performance of each component, test different approaches and make modifications as required to ensure that we are driving your sales and delivering the maximum return on your investment. 

Email Marketing & Lead Nurturing

On average, 50% of the leads in any system are not yet ready to buy (Source: Marketo). Kenect Marketing Management excels at nurturing leads in today’s buyer-driven marketplace. We establish and nurture buyer relationships by designing and executing targeted, personalized email campaigns that provide your leads with content and information that satisfies their curiosity and stokes their interest. 

Collateral Design,

Web Development

& More...

Kenect Marketing Management offers a variety of additional marketing services that include Collateral Design, Website Development, Print Advertising and Project Management. These services help you further engage your target audience, discover new  markets and re-discover existing contacts. Let us show you the path to expanding your customer base today!